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Use Keyword, Ad Group & Campaign Call Reports to Streamline your Bid Strategy

Keyword, Ad Group and Campaign

  • View Call Reports at Campaign or Ad Group Level to get a holistic picture of the health of your ad campaigns
  • Utilize Keyword Call Report to optimize the Max CPC spend on your Keywords

Referral Source Report can help you Identify hidden marketing channel gems

Referral Source Report

  • Track and reward websites that send you traffic that lead to phone call leads.
  • Referral Source Report (aka LinkSource) identifies websites that send you traffic that leads to phone calls.
  • Use Dynamic Number Insertion to track specific keywords from specific marketing channels

Tactics Overview Report provides you a Bird’s Eye View of what is working and what is not

Tactics Overview Report

  • Get a comprehensive and succinct view of the marketing channels that are sending you traffic and calls
  • Review not only phone call performance but also Online performance of your marketing tactics. See which marketing tactic works best in creating form conversion for you.
  • Run daily, weekly and monthly Tactics reports

Need Adwords Integration? We excel at that task!

Adwords Integrated Call Tracking

  • Imagine being able to suck all your Adwords account data into your call tracking platform. Imagine being able to view how much each keyword costs you in generating a phone call. AvidTrak-Adwords Call Report delivers you these details.

Missed Call & Repeat Call Report

Missed & Repeat Call Report

  • If you are spending a ton of money on ads you want to know if phone calls are being missed. Run the missed calls report to see how many calls went unanswered.
  • Utilize the Repeat Calls Report to filter out first time callers from repeat callers

Calls by Day and Time of Day Report

Calls by Day and Time of Day Report

  • Take the guess work out of calculating your phone-agent work load. Use Day and Time of Day report to view call loads by day and hour of day.

Customized Reports delivered to You Daily, Weekly and Monthly via Email

Customized Reports

  •  Every business is unique. We recognize that and if there is a customized report that you need just ask us.
  • AvidTrak Product Support Team excels at understan ding and delivering customized reports via FTP, API or Email. So challenge us with your tasks. We will deliver.

Clarifications on Pricing for Call Tracking Numbers & Minutes

AvidTrak Numbers come packaged with Call Tracking Software which comprises of a hosted software solution. The call tracking service is a prepaid service which is offered on a month-to-month basis.

Our service fee structure is broken up into:

  • Monthly recurring charges for phone number rental
  • Talk time minutes for inbound phone calls

Monthly Recurring Charges for Phone Number Rental

The phone number rental is collected in advance every month on the 1st of the month. We do not refund monthly rental fee after it has been deducted from your account.

Talk time Minutes for Inbound Phone Calls

Charges for talk time on the phone use accrue daily. Your account will be charged for the amount of talk time incurred by you.


Questions  Answers

Should I be viewing call conversions in Adwords or is it better to view in AvidTrak?

If you are importing your Google Analytics Phone Call Goal completions into Adwords then Google shows you an aggregated value i.e. the phone-call performance of the keyword with online conversions. With AvidTrak-Adwords integration you see two separate columns which manifest values for the phone and online conversion respectively. Separating the data has value because phone calls are often more valuable than online conversions.

How many marketing channels can the Tactics Report cover?

The tactics report has no limitation with respect to the number of channels that can be covered. To effectively utilize the report we would recommend that low traffic and call generating channels be grouped to reduce “noise” from data.

How long do you maintain the data and reports?

The records are maintained in your accounts as long as your account remains active in AvidTrak. If for any reason you decide to close your AvidTrak account please download your data in CSV format.

Do you offer Call Logs? What data do you offer within Call Logs?

Yes we do offer a very comprehensive call log for a given date range. In addition to the standard date, time, duration, Caller ID data we offer keyword, ad group, campaign, channel and several other data points. If there is a data point that you need that is not currently part of the Call logs let us know. We will incorporate it.

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