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Conversion Tracking

Track which campaigns drive calls,texts, form fills, and chats.

Contact Center

Track which campaigns drive calls,texts, form fills, and chats.

AvidTrak Solves Call Tracking Problems!

Problems  Solutions

How should I allocate my marketing spend?

Use AvidTrak tracking to identfiy most profitable marketing channel: search, social media, digital media content, email and print campaigns

Can I identify who is calling me?

AvidTrak captures Caller ID, Caller Name and Caller location

How is my target audience finding me?

Use AvidTrak to follow customer’s digital journey. Track pages leading to highest customer engagement

Are we effectively closing on marketing leads?

Deploy AvidTrak to obtain critical information such as: time to connect, engagement duration with caller and productivity stats of sales teams.

Insight All in one place

Pinpoint tactics that lead to conversions. Measure customer engagement arising from calls, texts, chats and forms.

Unlock Your Phone Calls With AvidTrak

Get visibility into your calls, conversions, and conversations

One Platform That Delivers All Your Call Tracking Needs

Select from AvidTrak’s extensive inventory of tollfree and local numbers, or use your own call tracking numbers.

Track calls from Search, Social, Display and Print.
Tie data back to Analytics and CRM software

PPC Keyword Call Tracking

Use Dynamic Phone Number Insertion to know which PPC keyword works best in creating phone call leads.

Use Conversion Path Report to know which web page(s) engage your audience and create calls.

Call Recording, Greeting, Whisper, Voicemail and IVR

  • Call Handling Features
  • Record incoming calls
  • Greet callers with custom messages
  • Whisper call source to call recipient
  • Send call to voicemail
  • Deploy IVR to route calls

Call Tracking for Agencies

  • No white label setup fee.
  • Manage hundreds of clients on AvidTrak agency platform.
  • Provide individual login to each clent.

Free Trial and Easy Setup

  • Free trial account comes with $20 credit to allow number purchase, SMS and minute usage.
  • No credit card required to avail free trial.
  • Setup your account in less than 5-minutes
  • All features included in free trial

Analytics, API & Platform Integrations

  • AvidTrak integrates seamlessly with:
  • Google
  • MSN
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot

Our Applications

Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend, Improve Your Business Intelligence Boost Your Profits

For Agencies

Improve efficiency as you maximize your clients’ marketing ROI by monitoring multiple clients’ call tracking information from a single interface and a single master account login.


Use your own tracking numbers and minutes to save big on call tracking costs. No need to port your numbers. Keep your existing telephony platform intact.

For Franchises

llocate your advertising budget more effectively as you track referral sources, keywords, campaigns and ad groups for multiple businesses.

Print, Radio, TV

Track every phone call to its source of origination, and pinpoint the media sources and search keywords that yield the maximum number of inbound calls.


Comprehensive Platform

Call Tracking For All Your Ad Campaigns

Measure phone call conversions all your digital, search and offline ad campaigns, including print ads and PPC keywords, to find out which marketing campaigns are most effective.

In-depth Analysis

Which ad led to the call? What keywords did the caller use to find your page? How long did they view your site? Find out all this and much more.

Real-Time Reporting

Know exactly what is working with real-time reporting which perfectly tracks and associates all inbound and outbound calls to the correct ad channel.

Multiple Account Management

Manage multiple companies, locations, or clients from one account to make more informed marketing decisions more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get up and Running in No Time

All you need to do to is to embed a single snippet of code on your website, which will automatically show the right tracking number to each visitor.

Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

We deliver instant email notifications complete with valuable information about each call to ensure that you never miss a lead again and your customers get instant service.

All the features of our competitors but at a Half of the Price

Start with $2O Free Credits & Avail All The Premium Features 🙂


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We Pair With Your Marketing Tools

AvidTrak connects to the tools you use to save you time and automate mundane work.

The power to engage billions of customers on a global scale

With our platform and your ideas, you can focus on the marketing that matters.

Millions of interactions across channels with 99.999% uptime

Choose from thousands of phone numbers in dozens of countries

10,000+ businesses trust AvidTrak for communications with enterprise-grade security


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